Welcome to St Martin in the Bull Ring

Welcome to the St Martin in the Bull Ring website. We are a Christian community seeking to discover the heart of God in the heart of the city of Birmingham. We believe that the Christian faith is about exploration and life. Through prayer, worship and reading the Bible we endeavour to find ways to live out our faith in service to those in need and in fellowship with those who are part of the community. Being a part of St Martin's is both an adventure and a challenge and we are delighted to welcome everyone to join us. Whether that is through coming to one of our services or events or through this website it doesn't matter. What matters is getting involved. Stewart Jones, Rector.

Christmas 2015: St Martin in the Bull Ring

Christmas Leaflet   Re:think Christmas Christmas is a season of celebration, parties, presents, Christmas trees, lights and fun. But it can also be a time of stress for many people. This year the community of St Martin’s invites you to re think Christmas. Re:think the Christmas p
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Healing on the Streets November Update

  A missionary in Africa wrote this in his newsletter, ‘for the first time in my life I understand what this verse in Psalm 126 means – ‘Those who sow in tears will reap in joy’. Then he went on to describe how he would watch some of the African mothers sowing seeds whilst their
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Healing on the Streets (HOTS) – September 2015 update

  On Sept 19th we had our training day at St Martin in the Bull Ring. We had about 60 people attending the course including a couple dear friends from America, Fred and Laverne Smith. I asked Fred to write a reflection of his experience on the day.   Both Fred and Laverne ar
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Careers in Aid

Are you interested in a career in aid work, or interested in getting more skills to work in aid? Please have a look at the following links which contain information about courses run by Aid Works, and register your interest! http://www.aidworks.org.uk/training-courses/ http://aidworks
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