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Welcome to the St Martin in the Bull Ring website. We are a Christian community seeking to discover the heart of God in the heart of the city of Birmingham. We believe that the Christian faith is about exploration and life. Through prayer, worship and reading the Bible we endeavour to find ways to live out our faith in service to those in need and in fellowship with those who are part of the community. Being a part of St Martin's is both an adventure and a challenge and we are delighted to welcome everyone to join us. Whether that is through coming to one of our services or events or through this website it doesn't matter. What matters is getting involved. Stewart Jones, Rector.

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Why and how should I tell others? Whole Church Alpha, Question 7

Week Beginning: Sunday 24th February 2013. Question 7: Why and how should I tell others? Bible readings: Acts 1:1-8, Luke 10:1-23. Discussion Questions: 1. When was the last time you heard something that was ‘good news’? Did you tell anyone about it? How? Why? 2. The word ‘Gospel’ mea
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What does the Holy Spirit do? Whole Church Alpha, Question 6

Week Beginning: Sunday 17th February 2013. Question 6: What does the Holy Spirit do? Bible readings: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, John 14:25-27. Discussion Questions: 1. Does every Christian have the Holy Spirit? (see John 3:5; Romans 8:9-10) 2. Do you think it’s selfish to pray to ha
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Healing on the Streets February Update

Dear all, Yesterday it was Ash Wednesday when the Church marks the beginning of Lent. In the Ash Wednesday liturgy we say, ‘dust you are; to dust you will return.’ The writer of Genesis 3 where this text comes from could not have been more scientifically correct. To be human is to be
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Pilgrimage to Taizé

Aged 16-29? Searching for something more? Looking to explore or refresh your faith? Wondering what to do with your life? Saturday 10th – Monday 19th August 2013 Diocesan Pilgrimage to Taizé At Taizé there is an opportunity to share life and worship with thousands of people from
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Who is the Holy Spirit? Whole Church Alpha, Question 5

Week Beginning: Sunday 10th February 2013. Question 5: Who is the Holy Spirit? Bible readings: 1 Corinthians 2:12-16, John 14:15-21. Discussion Questions: 1. Choose one of the 3 images we’ve mentioned this morning: ‘fire’, ‘wind’ & ‘water’. How has it helped you to understand more
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How and why should I read the Bible? Whole Church Alpha, Question 4

Week Beginning: Sunday 3rd February 2013. Question 4: How and why should I read the Bible? Bible readings: 2 Timothy 3:14-17, Matthew 5:17-20. Discussion Questions: 1. What are your experiences of reading the Bible? (Regularly? Only hear it when read in church? Difficult? Challengin?
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Ash Wednesday Afternoon of Prayer

On Wednesday 13th February to mark the beginning of Lent we will be joining with the World Prayer Centre at St Martin’s, to have an afternoon of prayer, praying specifically for the City of Birmingham and it’s people. The afternoon will begin at 12pm with a short act of wo
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New Room To Hire

We have recently added a new meeting room to hire – the Bryan Green Room. This room is ideal for small meetings as it accommodates up to 10 people. For more information and availability, including, prices, please contact us by email at booking@bullring.org or telephone 0121 600
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Why and how do I pray? Whole Church Alpha, Question 3

Week Beginning: Sunday 27th January 2013. Question 3: Why and how do I pray? Bible readings: Psalm 30, Matthew 6:1-5. Discussion Questions: 1. As you read the Lord’s Prayer which phrases do you find are most encouraging and which are more challenging? 2. Why is praying in private diff
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