Welcome to St Martin in the Bull Ring

Welcome to the St Martin in the Bull Ring website. We are a Christian community seeking to discover the heart of God in the heart of the city of Birmingham. We believe that the Christian faith is about exploration and life. Through prayer, worship and reading the Bible we endeavour to find ways to live out our faith in service to those in need and in fellowship with those who are part of the community. Being a part of St Martin's is both an adventure and a challenge and we are delighted to welcome everyone to join us. Whether that is through coming to one of our services or events or through this website it doesn't matter. What matters is getting involved.

St Martin's Blog

Civic Service POSTPONED

Due to ill health of the Lord Mayor, the Civic Service due to take place at St. Martin’s on Sunday 16th June at 6pm has been postponed. The service will be rearranged and the new date will be announced when we are aware.
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Healing on the Streets May Update

St Martin’s Healing on the Streets team is well established on Edgbaston St.  Passers-by have now started approaching us to pray for them instead the other way around. We still give out leaflets inviting them to sit on chairs and receive prayers. This last session even before we finis
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Hello I’m Emma

I am currently with Katie learning how to use the website! It doesn’t seem too hard at the moment so there should be no excuse for me not to do it!!
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Biopolar & Faith, My Story

When I read Rohan’s blog post this morning it bought me to tears! Its an incredible and honest story. It gives insight into biopolar disorder and into faith: into the difficulties of living with mental ill-health and into the amazing impact that God can have on people’s li
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Stewarts Blog – All the Saints

On Thursday 18th April one of the saints of St Martin in the Bull Ring died. Her name is Muriel Dewick and she was a remarkable woman. In a week when the nation and even the world focused its attention on another remarkable woman, Margaret Thatcher (whatever you think of her politics
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One Good Thing: join in online

Yesterday I set up a prayer activity in our prayer chapel. I asked people to think of One Good Thing, thank God for the blessing, write it on a (pre-cut) flower and hang it on the tree. Just a day later the tree is covered in wonderful blessings. My favourite today is Mommy and Daddy
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New service theme ‘This is Church: How it all began’

‘This is Church: How it all began’ During the next three months we will be exploring how the early church began and dealt with the issues it faced. The spread and growth of the church is recorded in the Book of Acts. This is really the second volume of Luke’s Gospel
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Stewart’s Blog – And the point is?

  Sabbatical travels have allowed me to listen to different preachers in different places. Being in the pew and not being the one delivering the sermon has been a very refreshing and challenging experience. But as I have listened the one question that has been most prominent in my min
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What about the Church? Whole Church Alpha, Question 10

Week Beginning: Sunday 17th March 2013 Question 10: What about the church? Bible Readings: Ephesians 2:19-22, Matthew 16:17-19 Discussion Questions: 1. What comes to mind when you think about “church”? 2. Has any of the biblical images challenged your perception of the church? (being
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