Healing on the Streets (HOTS) – June & July update

In June we did a prayer walk from St Martin’s to Centenary Square. Despite being a wet day it did not rain continuously and we managed to stop several times to pray for the area, for various events and activities happening on that day and for folks as they walked around.

Our first stop was at the top of stairs leading to the Bull Ring Shopping Centre from St Martin’s. There we prayed for St Martin’s. Before we left the church we read the passage in Isaiah 2 about the mountain of the Lord. Verse 2 says: “the mountain of the Lord will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills and all nations will stream to it”. As St Martin’s stands right in the heart of Birmingham where many nations stream through it we felt appropriate to dedicate that place as the ‘Mountain of the Lord.’

Our second stop was by the Council House in Victoria Square. There we prayed for our councillors and other employees in the House. We prayed for events happening at that time and for people walking around the area. Later when we came back to do the HOTS session at St Martin’s, a gentleman came to the chairs to be prayed for. He shared with the team that he was standing by the Council House when he felt an urge to come to St Martin’s to pray! That was an encouragement to us and we felt that our prayers by the Council House were not in vain.

Below are some of the prayers requests during June and July:

  1. Backache and arthritis.
  2. Skin cancer
  3. Healing of relationship with father
  4. To be reunited with children
  5. To be able to live a better life
  6. Skin condition with blisters
  7. To have God’s directions
  8. Brest cancer
  9. Chest and ear problems
  10. Peace of mind
  11. Someone’s mum who is in nursing home
  12. For a baby in care
  13. To find a job
  14. Head injury as a result of an accident
  15. Several requests to find peace with God.

The above list seems just a list of illness and conditions. However, behind each request there is a real person with a real need seeking for provision, healing or fulfilment for their empty lives.

Returning to the theme of the mountain of the Lord, I mentioned at the beginning, I think of the story of Abraham and his son Isaac. On this mountain God provided to Abraham everything he needed for his sacrifice of worship. On that day Abraham called that place ‘The Lord Will Provide’ (Genesis 22:14)

Why don’t you come to one of our HOTS sessions and see a place where God provides? We meet first Saturday of every month from 2 -4 pm.


Revd Elsie Blair-Chappell