A record bellringing performance is being attempted at St Martin’s on Friday 28th December. This will be the longest ever peal rung on14 bells and will comprise over 10,000 changes (different orders of the bells). It will take around seven hours, and the 14 bell ringers will ring non-stop without refreshment! A team of umpires will be checking the performance for verification. 

As well as being a long peal, this particular performance is technically complex in terms of the changes being rung. It is by no means assured of success, but the ringers havepracticed using shorter periods of ringing. 

St Martin’s is one of only five places in the world with 14 change ringing bells and so we are delighted to be able tohost this performance. It is being conducted and composed by our own bellringers, and includes a number of other members of our regular team. There have only been two bellringing performances of this duration before since thecurrent ring of bells was installed at St Martins 30 years ago. So rest assured it will not be a regular occurrence!