At ST Martins on 4th April during our Healing on the Streets session,  a young man with no English and chronic pain in his upper arm was so astonished to be healed that he shouted in amazement, causing quite a disturbance! Only God could have done such a miracle…

As you can see Healing on the Streets on Easter Saturday was encouraging to us all. I think there is no better day to pray for people than the day before we celebrate the resurrected power of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has risen indeed and we can say that many testified and experienced his power on Easter Eve.

Here are more stories and prayers on that day:


  • A girl from Ethiopia – a Christian refugee with much trauma and HIV- She was stunned that we stopped her and offered her a prayer. She realised God spoke to her and hasn’t forgot her.
  • Do you remember N who has been coming to HOTS for more than one and a half years, who lost his wife, became homeless, was to the point of committing suicide and the team helped him with his practical needs and prayers? He still comes back to receive prayers and every time his faith is stronger.
  • A young Polish girl has an operation. Wound has not healed well. She has an infection that the doctors can’t identify. We prayed the doctors would be able to next time she attended clinic. As we prayed for the Holy Spirit to come upon her the team had a word of knowledge about loneliness. When she was asked if she was lonely, tears immediately rolled down her face, almost uncontrollably. We pray for strength, joy and courage to face her circumstances. We also gave her the Why Jesus booklet. As she reads it we pray that she will feel and know God is close to her.
  • Another girl suffering from bullying was prayed for. She was given a copy of the New Testament.
  • A Polish lad wanted to know more about Jesus. The team shared the gospel with him and encouraged him to read the New Testament.
  • In total, we had about 16 people who wanted to know more about Jesus, including a Muslin man who came for prayer and told us he reads the Gospels. The team prayed that Jesus would be revealed to him in visions and dreams. 


In May, we continue to pray for people to know Jesus and his resurrected power to save and to heal. Also, many came for prayer for their physical needs: arthritis, vision problems, leg pain, diabetes, IBS, MS and cancer. Some other people were suffering from depression, aimlessly being in need of guidance and feeling guilty. A man who was converted in prison, asked us to pray for guidance as he looks for a church that has a community where he can develop his gift of evangelism.


I’d like to finish this feedback showing you a card with a Bible verse I distributed to the team.


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This is the testimony of each one in the team. When they are praying each one has a word to give that sustains the weary.


Revd Elsie Blair-Chappell