HOTS March 2015


Every time we go out onto Edgbaston St, before we start distributing leaflets offering prayers for passers-by, we kneel down by the chairs and pray asking for God’s presence and his power to be manifested in that area. On March 7th we experienced his presence like a tangible wave of God’s Spirit. Despite of the business and noisiness of the place there was a sense of awe and reverence in the atmosphere as if every knee had indeed bowed down to Jesus.  In this atmosphere we offered prayers for the following people:


  • A lady with alcohol and substance abuse problem. Her son had the same problem – After she received prayers she said she felt lighter and in a happier frame of mind.
  • A man who attends church and wanted to be assured of God’s presence in his life.
  • A lady with kidney problems and losing her hair. She was also hurt from an abusive neighbour who was bullying her constantly. ~As she was prayed for we could see her face expression changing and becoming relaxed.
  • A lady in need of wisdom at work
  • A lady with arthritis. She was prayed for and her leg left leg was aligned. She said she will be back to tell us how she gets on during the week.
  • A man asked prayer for his daughter who is an alcoholic. He also asked prayer for himself for healing of his hernia
  • A man with from Nigeria asked for prayers to release him from the spiritual oppression he was experiencing. The team prayed for him and they talked to him about Jesus’ love and power to set captives free. He prayed a prayer of commitment to Jesus and the team gave him ‘Why Jesus’ leaflet.
  • A man with asthma.
  • Prayer by proxy – for a Muslim who is seeking and wants to read the Gospels. He has been invited to go to chruch. Pray that the Holy Spirit will touch his mind and heart to the Gospel message.

As I write these prayers and as you read them they may seem detached with no power or they may not.  However, I believe that when we go out onto the street and kneel down and bow down to Jesus an atmosphere of faith is created.

Mark Marx, the founder of Healing on the Streets ministry, puts it this way

‘I’ve come to the conclusion that there has to be an environment where God’s presence and his power are there. The Hots model has developed into becoming just such environment.’ (Stepping into the Impossible by Mark Marx page 135)

We are God’s children and as such we have the authority and power to create such an environment where God’s kingdom can operate here on earth as it does in heaven. We create this environment because of who we are in Jesus.




Revd Elsie Blair-Chappell