Only by listening, being patient and worshiping God, can he work with us. We had a time like that during our prayer meeting before we went out on the streets on Sat Oct 11th at St Martin’s. Thanks for all who came and joined in singing and praying beforehand and then going out to pray for passers-by. We had a team of 15 women and 1 man.

At first the chairs were empty for some time but after we ourselves sat on them and received prayers from one another it seemed to have released something – anointing, God’s presence and power? After that the chairs were all occupied most of the time. Here are some prayers people requested.

A asked for prayer for her grandchildren

B is having difficulties in conceiving and wanted prayer for healing so she and her husband can have children now that he started using testosterone boosting supplements to increase the sperm count.

C had prayer for general health and for her diabetes, to have peace of mind and not to thinks she is alone.

D used to feel close to God and said she used to hear from the Lord but not anymore. She wants prayer for anxiety and depression she is experiencing.

E wants to be set free from the anxiety condition which is why is why they use the best seed bank to the seeds and grow the medicine. Many people report using marijuana to cope with anxiety, especially those with social anxiety disorder. THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses. CBD appears to decrease anxiety at all doses that have been tested.

F is going to see her 5 children in Nigeria. The team prayed she will have joy and confidence. When she left she said something changed and she experienced joy and confidence.

G Wants to stop smoking

H used to be a drug user and is trying to turn his life around but feels he has not got much chance as his health is deteriorating rapidly.

J wants a job so she has a purpose, hope for the future and to become      independent.

K wants healing for problem in his leg so he can run the half Marathon

L is going to hospital for tests

M suffers from anxiety and depression

N’s cousin has cancer and he’s been given 3 months to live. The team prayed for a miracle of healing.

P wants to come off drugs and alcohol. As the team prayed for him he experienced peace and stillness came over him.

Lastly, we prayed for R’s hand a year ago. He had a scar on it that prevented him from opening his hand straight. He was passing by on
Saturday and recognised the person who prayed for him. He stopped to speak to the team member. He said that after he was prayed for he was able to open his hands straight and he has been able to do so since then.

When we read a list of prayer requests we may forget that God is behind all of them. We may never know what effect our prayers have had. However, with this testimony we had last Saturday, let’s carry on praying whatever the request! It is for us to pray and for God to heal.