In March as we gathered together to pray before we went out on Edgbaston St, we read Psalm 23.I managed to download a copy of it in Farsi! So our Iranian brothers and sisters were able to follow it more precisely and meaningfully. I suggested that they learn this Psalm by heart if they didn’t know it already. Knowing this Psalm by heart is our inheritance for the future and assurance for the present.


This Psalm had such an impact on one of the team members on that day that he gave a testimony in his church on the following day. He showed the copy of the psalm to the congregation and explained how true it was that we needed to hold onto the promises of scripture and memorise it. He gave a very moving account of his afternoon at HOTS.


One of the team members was prayed for by proxy for her mother how has severe knee problem and is in constant pain. After that, quite a few passers-by came for prayer who were having problems with their knees! It was amazing seeing this team member praying for them. Hers were not only prayers of faith but of great compassion. Every time this team member prayed for someone they left the chair experiencing God’s touch and love; their hope renewed and some even experienced reduction of pain.


A young man sat down on the chair and asked us to pray for his mother who has a brain tumour. He hadn’t seen her for a while. We suggested that he would visit his mother. He said he would try. He said his mother did not know he was asking others to pray for her. The team encouraged him to tell his mother he was praying for her.


A lady who had been to HOTS twice before came back to be prayed for again. She experienced improvement in her condition.


Talking about people who come back to HOTS to be prayed for, read the following account from someone who comes along every first Saturday:

I came to HOTS about 4 years ago. I had been diagnosed with a condition though not fatal would have robbed me of my independence and way of life. I was at the end of my tether. HOTS gave me hope and a place of refuge. It is a meeting place for people of faith who are capable of the most incredible kindness and through faith were able to reach out to other people in need and to carry the message that the Son of God desired.

HOTS is a place of gathering for people of faith. I consider it part of my church. HOTS has played a strong role in my journey of faith. In some ways my illness has regressed and though there was a further acute incident I have faith in a God of Mercy who will hear my prayers.

Reading this account makes me think of HOTS as a church without walls. People come and go but never fail to receive peace, comfort, guidance and healing from the Great Shepherd, our Lord and God as described in the 23rd Psalm. Make sure you learn this Psalm by heart. It is your inheritance of the future and assurance for the present.



Revd Elsie Blair-Chappell