‘This is Church: How it all began’

During the next three months we will be exploring how the early church began and dealt with the issues it faced. The spread and growth of the church is recorded in the Book of Acts. This is really the second volume of Luke’s Gospel as he is its author.

Our aim is to learn from the early church and discover how their story can help us in our story here at St Martin’s. Having spent the first part of this year looking at what Christians believe through our whole church Alpha we now look at how these beliefs impact on real people building the church. This we believe will help us to deepen our faith and grow the church community at St Martin’s.

Later this year we will be launching a new vision and strategy document and we want it to be a modern expression of the church as it was then and can be today.

Dates to note:

May 12th-18th Christian Aid Week

May 19th: Pentecost Sunday

June 16th: Civic Service at 6pm


Image: Vicki Walkins, flickr