Is God an old man with a white beard?

Many people have many preconceptions about God and especially the God Christians supposedly believe in. Many of our ideas about God we have inherited, absorbed or assumed – often influenced by art and culture, popular myth or family tradition.
But who is God? What do Christians actually believe about God?
The Bible says if we want to know what God is like we need to consider Jesus – his words, his actions, his character, his choices etc. Jesus loved to tell stories and in many of those stories he helps us to understand more about God and what God is really like. Throughout August we will be looking at several of those stories to discover all sorts of surprising truths about our unexpected God. Join us in church or online as we explore the following:
Our Unexpected God
…..invites us to a party – Luke 14 v15-24
…..looks for the lost – Luke 15 v1-7
…..longs for us to come home – Luke 15 v11-24
… us a second chance – Luke 13 v6-9
… good things – Luke 11 v5-13
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