St. Martin’s has the very great privilege of hosting an evening with the highly acclaimed and award winning
writer and speaker Philip Yancey.

During an evening that honours the legacy of famous leprosy surgeon Dr Paul Brand, Philip will reflect on how their friendship became the single greatest influence in his life and career, and consider what can be done to shine a light on leprosy today.

Philip Yancey and Dr. Paul Brand

Philip Yancey’s life was profoundly affected by his time with the renowned Leprosy Mission surgeon Dr Paul Brand, who pioneered the tendon-transfer techniques that make it possible for people affected by leprosy to once again use their hands and feet. Philip cites Dr Brand’s faith as a milestone in his own spiritual journey. Observing the self-sacrificial work of Dr Brand, Philip was amazed that his life and experiences were not shared about more widely. Taking the initiative, the two of them embarked on what turned into three co-written books, offering reflections on the human body, Christianity, and the physical, psychological, and spiritual effects of leprosy. Philip’s latest book, Fearfully and Wonderfully, brings together the publications he co-wrote with Dr Paul Brand, with new insights and
updated material.

The Leprosy Mission

Today, many people believe that leprosy no longer exists. Yet millions still live with permanent disabilities due to the disease, and 250,000 new diagnoses are made each year. Worse still, people affected by the disease
remain stigmatised, being shunned by their loved ones and discriminated against. The Leprosy Mission, inspired by Jesus’s commandment to heal people with leprosy, works to see leprosy defeated and lives transformed.

This will be a hugely popular event so if you are interested in attending please book your tickets now: