Each week there are three opportunities to join us for prayer via Zoom:
Mondays 9.30am – Morning Prayer
Wednesdays 9.00pm – Compline/Night Prayer
Fridays at 12.30pm – Lunchtime Prayer

We spend so much time educating businesses on marketing to-dos, but we don’t want to leave out our friends with religious organizations. We see so many companies neglect their web presence and faith-based groups like churches are no exception. It used to be that having a website was just a necessary tool for getting found; however, organizations like churches, who have learned how to use their website to engage their members through digital content, have learned their website can be much more than a place to just discover the address and church service times. Here are three reasons why it is important to have a modern website for churches and other non-profit organizations.

Older websites may not have all of the sharing tools that a modern website will afford, if you are working on a budget, this wordpress basic hosting service might be what you are looking for. What would happen if you armed your congregation with tools to evangelize and promote events, services, sermons or songs? If you keep telling people a message, a portion of those people will not only listen but they will follow through on an action you present to them. So if you are able to use your website to help your congregation or organization’s partners, share your content. A little bit goes a long way. What would happen if you got even 20% to 30% of your community to share your content regularly? I believe you would see a dramatic and continual increase in new people visiting your church.

If you would like to receive information on how to join us on Zoom then please send an e-mail to life@bullring.org and we can send you the details.

All are welcome to join us.