It is time to not just sit back and watch!

For two thousand years there has been a  church in Syria. But now its very survival is threatened by violence, conflict  and persecution. The church is on its knees.

Open Doors has been active in Syria since  before the war. We are helping the church in Syria to care for thousands of  families in desperate need. “I believe the Lord has been preparing the church  for this day,” says Pastor Edward in Damascus. “Who else can give hope and  really spread peace other than our Lord?”

The church in Syria is asking for your help. Please join us to speak out, provide emergency relief and pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria.

Please visit and sign the petition that will be taken to meetings with the UK government, the EU and the UN over the next few months.

We urge, on behalf of the Christians of Syria, that all those with  influence and power do everything possible to:

  • Protect the lives, livelihoods and freedoms of all the people of Syria
  • Safeguard the existence of the Christian community and in particular stop the assaulting, kidnapping, torture and killing of Christians by extremist and criminal groups
  • Guarantee safe fair and proper access for all to humanitarian  assistance, both inside and outside Syria
  • Make it possible for Christians to remain in and/or return safely to their homes without fear or threat of violence
  • Safeguard the right of Christians to be able to worship in peace and safety and allow them space to offer compassionate care and contribute to making peace
  • Ensure the establishment of a new Syria with a society and constitution that in theory and in practice guarantees and respects the right to freedom of religion and belief for all

Open Doors – Saving persecuted Christians worldwide.