During our prayer time before we went out to pray for passers-by on Edgbaston St, we read out part of a vision/prophecy given at the Healing Streams Leaders’ Day on Oct 31st 2015.

We asked each one of us to stretch out our hands and receive this prophecy as we read it. In this vision/prophecy there was a big jug pouring out thick oil and the words heard from God were these:

I’m just putting one droplet at first into your hand. Outstretch your hands and receive from me the oil of anointing healing power. Rub that one drop into your hands. Cover with your left hand the outside of your right hand with this oil and massage it in. Do likewise with your right hand and massage it in – this is the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit. Cup your hand again and receive another drop. Massage it in between your fingers. Look at them: how wet and moist they are with My goodness and My power and My impartations. Listen and hear my words: I am beginning an anointing as you touch others.

Well, we went out and that was just what God did. We had many accounts of God’s encounters with people. People who he created and were looking for their creator.

One of the team members wrote this email: I was about to pray for a lady, but when I rested my hand on her I felt a lot of anger in her, hateful feelings were coming out of her, and I felt like she was in a prison. And I could hear this song over and over again…..There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, break every chain to break every chain. So at that point I asked her if she could take a few minutes to pray for forgiveness, just forgiving anyone who had wronged her. So she did and I sang over her while she asked God to help her forgive people who had wronged her, including her sister.

Then I started praying for her physical needs but realised I could only ‘pray in tongues’ (I know one of the guidelines is not to pray in tongues outload when praying for passers- by) So I pulled myself together and I knew the Holy Spirit was touching her. I could feel a strong breeze covering her. I could also see her sister receiving power from God. The lady closed her eyes while I pray for her. She looked peaceful as she relaxed in the spirit. When I finished praying for her she said everything I said about her was true and she felt like she had been in a prison and had never experienced the power of prayer like that .I prayed the peace of the Lord over her and encouraged her to come again every first Saturday of the month ..I believe she will come back with a testimony. She was so overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit that I could tell she did not wanted to leave the chair. The other lady from the team who prayed with her first, felt the breeze as well.. It was a beautiful, beautiful, experience. Praise God as we give him all the glory, the honour and the praise. Amen.

I believe this was the anointing God promised to give us as we prayed for others. Many were touched by the Holy Spirit- some were visibly, others not so much and others left ‘feeling better’ with a peaceful expression on their faces. A few felt some improvement in their poor physical condition such as less pain and improvement in hearing loss.

What impressed me most in this healing on the streets session in December was the fact that God not only touched passers-by but heals touch the team members.

When we came back after 4pm for debriefing and prayer together again, I read Psalm 63:1-2 ‘You God are my God and I thirst for you like a dry land. I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your glory’. I shared this psalm not only as an encouragement from God but also as a call-out from him. Being hungry and thirst for God is what will bring the breakthrough with his anointing oil.

After I read this psalm a member of the team told us how he had read this psalm in the morning and God touched him in a special and powerful way. This is what he wrote in an email I asked him to send to us.

Here are my thoughts on last Saturday.


Sitting eating my breakfast, I opened my Bible at Psalm 63 and although I try not to follow this hit and miss approach, I was particularly drawn to the first few verses, the same that Elsie was prompted to read out at the end of the HOTS session. Her reading this would not have had the same significance had I not really sensed the Lord speaking to me in the morning.


The significance to me:


This is in no way meant to be a boast, but I have been fortunate to see and experienced the Lord’s power and glory in the sanctuary many times, but it is easy to forget this and drift along, losing sight of what a wonderful God we love and serve and how wonderful it is to see/ meet Him in this way. My passion has always been that the people we pray with will encounter and experience this same wondrous love, power and glory (and get healed).


Verse 1 however confirmed something that I have sensed very much over recent weeks, a shaking, a wakening of this passion again, to seek God earnestly, to thirst for Him and long for Him. The dry and weary land and times we live in has distracted me, wearied me and drained some of this passion. We have been through a period of complications, distractions and even disappointments. Sometimes it is only the recollection of the amazing times when I have seen Him “in the sanctuary” that keeps us going but what a waste if we leave it there!


I did have a heightened sense of the Holy Spirit as we ministered on Saturday and this encouraged me even more that this is time to seek God again more passionately and be confident that He is with me. The words of a song come to me “with confidence I come before, Your throne of grace, free from disgrace, and enter in, your courts, with praise receive Your grace’. The enemy and the dry and weary land has been doing its best to destroy this confidence, but I was reminded on Saturday that, “I know what I have seen” and our God is truly wonderful and there is nothing quite like being in His presence and serving Him.


I realise that this has been a longer feedback than usual. If you have reached this far and have read this account, why don’t you pray Psalm 63:1-2 for yourself that your hunger and thirst for God may increase and that you may see God in his power and glory. Also go back to the prophecy at the beginning and pray that prayer for yourself. Stretch your hand and receive God’s anointing oil. With this anointing and your hunger for God, you will begin an anointing as you touch others.


Happy Christmas and New Year


Revd Elsie Blair-Chappell