A year ago I wrote this in our feedback:


Many more prayers were said on that day. We left with the assurance as Sue

(one of our team members) said ‘God wants to do far more than we can imagine – so we are encouraged to ask for more!”


A year later we can see God has done just that. Our team continues to grow with many Iranians joining us as they seek to continue their journey in the Christian faith while they are applying for asylum in England.


Last month we encouraged everyone whose English is limited to look for a short prayer in English during the month and learn it. We also gave them a card with Bible promise or blessing for them to read as they prayed for passers-by.


This is an account of one of the team members:


“A woman sat down to be prayed for. She had been suffering from depression caused by problem neighbours. Partner had taken matters in his own hands and police were involved.  She was separated from her partner whilst having care for depression and she was seeing her children that day as they were normally living with their father. Just before she sat down she and the children had just witnessed violence at a bus stop and very traumatised by the event. She told us that in the past she had been resuscitated 5 times after attempted suicide. Her little boy beside her was particularly loving and caring towards his mother.  She was covered in suns and moon transfers or tattoos. She seemed to be a new age sort of person.  At the end of our prayers the Iranian team member read the card with a bible verse she was given. The verse was psalm 121 v6’ The sun shall not strike you by day or the moon by night.’ The lady said when he heard those words she experienced some kind of warm and love”.


Another Iranian team member also read her verse to someone she prayed for. She read it so well that I asked her to read it out as a blessing to rest of the team during the feedback after our session.



Many more prayers offered:


  1. For a lady with back and knees pain. She said felt a warm glow after prayer
  2. A young teenager girl wanted prayer for the political situation around the world.
  3. A man came back to say that the growth in his mouth decreased after being prayed for at an earlier HOTS session.
  4. We prayed for a man who was struggling with some people who were not having a positive influence on his life. We prayed that he would also have the grace and power to stand against abuse and bullying
  5. A man stood to watch us wanting to see a miracle. He left without seeing a miracle but he said he was encouraged to see us proclaiming the word of God and His love to all.
  6. We prayed for a lady with depression and prayed over her for the Holy Spirit to come on her so she would experience the love God has for her.
  7. We prayed for a young lady who said she had prayed in the morning at her house and felt God telling her she should recommit her life to him and use her gifts for his glory. When she saw us there she felt that was the right place to be prayed for and recommit her life to God. We asked her to come back and let us know how she was going to use her gifts for God and take up his challenge.
  8. Prayed for a man suffering with pain in arm and shoulder after a fall. He said he was a Salvation Army officer and felt it was definitely of God that he found us praying on the streets as he passed by.


Here is a testimony of one of our team members wrote:


“I was prayed for last month by 3 members of the team. We don’t really know each other, so it was a great confirmation when they were able to confirm to me things the Lord had been telling me. They mentioned things from my past, which very few people know, answered questions that I had asked the Lord in my quiet time and encouraged me in my future walk with the Lord. God is good and faithful.”


I can indeed see how God is using each one of us as we seek His face to work through us to bring His kingdom on earth. We have a God who wants to show he loves us. Each person who is prayed for is loved by God. They are God’s creation and God loves them as they are. He wants to reach out to them. He wants to have a relationship with them which will give them life with a purpose.


Let us go on praying that more and more people will come to know God in this way.



Revd Elsie Blair-Chappell