Week Beginning: Sunday 24th February 2013.

Question 7: Why and how should I tell others?

Bible readings: Acts 1:1-8, Luke 10:1-23.

Discussion Questions:

1. When was the last time you heard something that was ‘good news’? Did you tell anyone about it? How? Why?

2. The word ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’…in what ways is the Christian message good news to you? How might knowing about Jesus be good news to others?

3. Are there times when you have shared the Good News of Jesus with others? When? How did you do it? What happened?

4. Read these 3 statements: 1. Just sharing the Gospel through saying words can be hollow. 2. Just sharing the Gospel through who you are being is passive. 3. Just sharing the Gospel through what you are doing is ambiguous. Do you agree? Which ways of sharing the Good News of Jesus do you find easy/uncomfortable? Which ways do you find difficult/uncomfortable? Are there things that you could do differently?

5. Don’t forget, this isn’t something that we do on our own – Jesus sent people out in pairs and gave us the Holy Spirit too! How could we support and encourage each other in sharing the Gospel? How might we work with the Holy Spirit to share the Good News? Don’t forget to pray!

Further resources for those exploring…

Websites: www.alpha.org, www.newgeneration.co.uk, www.christianaid.org.uk.